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We are an expert company in the manufacture of absorbent and industrial cleaning products, which seeks to provide its customers with the best solution on the market with the highest quality and safety.

The brand

CrunchOil® belongs to Negocios Globales SA, a company specialized in the manufacture of absorbents, industrial degreasers and solutions for wastewater treatment.

With more than 15 years in the market, our CrunchOil® products have been used, highly effectively, in various cases of contingencies, prevention and cleaning; being essential allies when it comes to containing a spill, cleaning a surface or treating water contaminated with hydrocarbons.

We seek to provide our clients with an effective, simple and economical solution to address the environmental problems faced by the industry; which has allowed us to be a benchmark brand in more than 10 countries around the world.

Our experience speaks for us.


Reducing the environmental impact generated by industries, offering efficient and sustainable environmental solutions, through oil spill control , industrial cleaning and residual water treatment.

All working and environmental incidents/accidents can and should be prevented. Consequently, the prevention of risks is the responsibility of all employees of Negocios Globales S.A.


Negocios Globales S.A. seeks, through its organic products, to be a leading company in cleaning, prevention and spill control for the modern industry.




Julio Pulisich

Presidente / Asociado

Louis Lepoutre

Desarrollo Marketing y Comercial

Juan Bernaola

CEO / Asociado

Diego Zalazar

Asesor Comercial

Antonio Torre

Gerente / Asociado

Nicolás Sanchez

Compras / Administración

Sebastián Pelegrina

Gerente de Adm. y Finanzas

Victoria Caserio


Sofía Montaña

Gerente de Marketing

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